Save the Children… EVERY ONE – (do we as Moulding Futures do enough saving?)

When I see charities like these and the work they are doing to save the lives of millions and thousands of children from dying under the age of five – I wonder what I am doing and that perhaps I should be doing more.  We don’t save lives, well not yet anyway. Mental Health conditions can also take lives and being part of Moulding Futures could be the turning point for some. The difference between a life with little opportunities purely because of lack of confidence, or that negative voice telling you that “no one will ever employ you… why would they?”

So while I may not be saving millions of childrens lives I am raising awaress of it and if I can change even one persons life, change a day from grey to pink and make someone feel that they DO have an important part to play on this planet and that their life really is worthwhile, that they can be creative and that they can also help others – then I shall be happy and we have already done this! If you know anyone who would benefit from feeling worthy, who wants to do something but thinks there is nothing out there because of their illness, circumstances or lack of exams etc, then tell them to get in touch with me because I believe taking part in something like Moulding Futures can save lives too. (or at least guide someone down a different path…).

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