Eating Disorder Awareness Week and the Local Press.

Ah… the press – don’t you just love them? We rely so much on the local press to increase the coverage of our messages. This week saw the result of our Eating Disorder Week display in High Chelmer Shopping Centre. Don’t I look lovely with my face painted.  It was a bit disappointing to see that the Essex Chronicle didn’t add in there that it was a Moulding Futures campaign to raise awareness of the eating disorders that are less “press friendly” because you can’t actually see a problem – like bulimia, as well as the others which are normally seen. We were fundraising for BEAT – the Eating Disorder Association with face painting, a raffle and also selling Nikki’s books – and Nikki was on hand to sign them and help out (she is a star! – and had a star facepaint but that was after the photograher left). The paper didn’t mention the face painting though so I just look like an idiot. Quite funny though I guess.  The whole piece is about the statistics but I’m sorry – these are so incorrect. We know it is a growing problem. We know the numbers are high. We also know that the numbers are a hell of a lot higher than those reported because many people don’t even realise they have an eating disorder when they do. THAT was supposed to be our message. Highlight the issue, make people more aware and provide them somewhere they can go to get help and advice. Unfortunately the profile of my story got cut so this information was totally missed.

So – when sending a story to the paper do remember that it won’t actually get printed the way you want it to – they generally do their own thing or get it wrong somehow. Very frustrating but there is nothing you can do about it.  If you would like to know more information about eating disorders go to BEAT at

1 Response to “Eating Disorder Awareness Week and the Local Press.”

  1. 1 Jane Mckessock 03/13/2010 at 9:09 am

    Nikki is a great ambassador for beat and its great she takes time out from her busy schedule to help others.

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