Buggies are a lifesaver – don’t judge….

What a week it has been. With Autism Awareness Day fastly approaching – oh yes ONE DAY TO GO – we’re launching our campaign called Stand Up 4 Wheels and the website will go live friday. This campaign is all about challenging people’s behaviour when it comes to wheelchairs, specifically Special Needs buggies or even normal buggies with older children in. I remember going on holiday last year and Jamie still had a normal buggy. I’d had to buy it in an emergency while on holiday because there was no way I could cope going out and about with him and staying in the caravan was NOT an option – we do enough staying in at home thank you very much.

So walking around Skegness with a 6 year old boy – who can clearly walk and doesn’t look disabled – I did get some strange looks and comments. I felt like putting a t-shirt on him that said I HAVE AUSTISTIC SPECTRUM DISORDER AND ADHD – YOU try taking me out! (now theres a project!). I’d seen and heard other people talking about the hassels they have on Buses and thought that this year, for WORLD Autism Awareness MONTH (APRIL) we would do more than just having an awareness stand in the town centre. This year we would try to do something more pro-active.

We do have a stand in High Chelmer Shopping Centre – I shall be there FRIDAY 2nd – SUNDAY 4th doing lovely EASTER facepainting to raise money and we’re also launching our website www.standup4wheels.co.uk.

I AM SO EXCITED to also report that FIRST transport who provide our buses here in Chelmsford have agreed to put up our stickers on 500 of their buses in the area and CHelmsford Borough Council are paying for them to be printed!!! What an achievement!

You can go to the website after 1am on 2nd April – add a comment and share your stories.

Let’s understand eachother because you should NEVER judge someone else unless you have had to walk a mile in their shoes through the mud, cobbles and thorns.

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