Fit 4 Reading…

Wow – it’s been a while since I wrote a blog, doesn’t time fly! I do find I’m like this with my journal too – write in it every day for a while then the next entry has an opening line of…”wow doesn’t time fly – I really must write more often”. Now why would blogging be any different?

I’ve been on another planet for a bit, then mega busy┬ábut felt I should update on what events have happened and also need to talk about a great one coming up!

ADHD Awareness week – our talk in Chelmsford
An image showing a photo of the workshop

On the 14th of September we held a talk as part of our ADHD Awareness week events where we also had a stall for information in High Chelmer Shopping Centre. The talk was really well attended with over 20 parents/carers/professionals turning up to hear our speaker Sue Cook. She told her story about how she discovered a way to rewire childrens brains who suffer from Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia, ADHD and Aspergers.
It was a fascinating talk and we had some great feedback. THE bar in Chelmsford allowed us to hold it there so we are really grateful to them for looking after us. (and will bring more cups for coffee next time).
We’ll be doing some more work with Sue in the future and have already designed her logo, and we produced some flyers which we shared cutting the costs and doubling their exposure.
Find out more about Sue and her programme at – I’ll add any further events about this to our website as well.

SHARE A SMILE CAMPAIGN… I think this deserves it’s own post so I’ll update that seperately.

VOTE FOR ME… please support me in keeping my top 5 positition in the Community Champion awards by voting for me…

Another update will be with you shortly, I think that’s enough for today.

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