Magazine Launch and Awards!

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Our project “Psst! Pass it on!” an Open Up Initiative has been completed!! Groups and individuals around the country were invited to apply for funding to run a project that would challenge stigma of Mental Health and it is part of the National Time to Change campaign. When the application form landed on my desk it was one of those “pin me down” moments. I was working on the first “Make it Mental!” event for Involving Essex, which was a very big job. I instantly had an idea for something to do for it and no one stopped me. Not even the inner voice that was screaming at me not to take on any more work but I have loads of practice at convincing an inner voice that something is justified – every time I go shopping I win the battle!
So I put together a team of people who said they would be “interested” in helping, filled out the form and sent it off. I think I may have recieved the application form a few days before it was due, as always, so there was no time to talk myself out of it – or discover the magnitude of what I was proposing.
You can read our project report here:
Project Report
The magazine will be going into schools all over Essex. If you would like a copy, or would like your school to do something similar then get in touch with us at or contact 01245 399541.
You can also go to the website

Tonight we had the Awards and official launch of the magazine “Oi! Listen!” – held at Bailey’s Bar in Braintree (sponsors for the event). All of the young people who took part at Alec Hunter Humanities College were invited along with those at Chelmer Valley High School, to pick up their certificates. We also gave out some special trophies to those pupils who we felt put in the most during the project.

Psst! Pass it on.. Creative Awards went to:
Harriette Knight
Shannon Roy
Joseph Moore

Psst! Pass it on Junior Reporter Award
Mia Hole

Psst! Pass it on.. Courage Award went to:
Molly Sherman

Well done to you and all of the young people who took part in this amazing project!

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