Inspiration for Springfield Primary School

When my son had to explain who his inspirational person was earlier this year it was extremely overwhelming to find that he had chosen me to talk about. He explained that “She is the famous best artist in the world and she makes me want to do art too” – Okay so he may well have me way above my station but that’s where I am supposed to be. I’m his Mum. I offered to go into his class and bring in some of my artwork so that his peers could see what he was talking about – or at least see that I can draw. They told him I wasn’t famous because I wasn’t on the TV but I went in hoping not to disappoint after such an amazing introduction. As they were talking about their inspirational people I decided to take in lots of different work – sculpture, poetry, illustrations, abstract paintings, my cork people from the tiny trail, Smile N Smooch characters, mini easel art, etc. A huge variety of different mediums and I based my talk around my inspirational person. My Grandad.

The class were all really great and very impressed by my artwork and my story. Jamie loved having his Mum in his class and was “helping” by holding up pieces of art. He stood by me with a huge grin the whole time and I felt quite honoured. I read some of my Silly Rhymes aloud to the class – the first time they have had a larger audience of me reading them. I really loved it! Teachers came in to look and his class teacher then made me do the whole thing again… and again… not just the poem (although I did read that several times – Smelly feet was a favourite) but the whole talk…

They loved the cork people and I agreed to go back in and run some sessions to show them how to make their own. Can’t wait!

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