Working with EYPDAS

We have developed a programme in partnership with EYPDAS (Essex Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Service) working with a group of young people affected by substance misuse and those who are at risk of doing so. During the course young people will be encouraged to take part in activities and exercises that aim to:
• Increase self-esteem and confidence,
• Develop social skills and connect with each other,
• Learn coping strategies to improve well-being
• And take a break to have some fun.
This is a 6 week programme and includes a drug and alcohol session.

This group has been identified by the staff of the Learning Support Unit at the secondary school who are working closely with us to ensure these young people gain the most out of this experience.

It is run after school once a week and includes a McDonald’s dinner – on the pre-evaluation one of the girls from the group wrote, in answer to “what do you think you will gain most from this group” – McDonald’s.

I’ll add more about this group at the end of the course with a summary of how it went. We have two more sessions to go and they have said they are really enjoying it.

If you know of a Secondary School who would benefit from a programme like this or something similar please let me know or go to – this particular programme is not featured yet but after this one has finished it will be added as a course.

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