Moulding Futures was set up in 2009 to challenge stigma for disadvantaged people through campaigns and projects.

Moulding Futures believe in individuality. People can achieve greatness no matter what their personal curcumstances are. Disadvantaged people deserve the same opportunities as others – even if that means going down a slower or rockier road to get there with some support along the way.

Company Overview
Over the years the vision for Moulding Futures has always been the same: To challenge stigma and create a better future for people who are disadvantaged. To begin with Mental Health was more of a focus but this then moved into other areas including Learning Disability, and now onto many others. Over the years projects and campaigns have included Make it Mental for World Mental Health day, the launch of the Share A Smile campaign, NeuroTalk 2011, the Stand Up 4 Wheels campaign to raise awareness of special needs buggies and the Youth anti-stigma mental health project Pss! Pass It On. Campaigns also include Autism Awareness and Mental Health awareness.

The Share A Smile campaign opened up many doors and Giggle Together workshops were the outcome. We now develop programmes, workshops and events all with the focus of positive well-being. Working with disadvantaged groups and also mainstream, we aim to challenge stigma while also injecting positive well-being techniques and workshops to enhance self-esteem, confidence, relieve stress and also to connect people. Sessions have been delivered in schools, both secondary and primary, along with working in partnership with other organisations. We have developed a programmer for EYPDAS and will be holding an InterGeneration Event in April 2012.

General information
“A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one”. Mary Kay Ash

This blog is developed by Tracy Shave – Project Manager (Director) of Moulding Futures. Tracy Shave is a passionate campaigner who wants to really change peoples lives where possible.

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