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Speaker for the Business Woman’s Network

The Business Woman’s Network have such a fantastic speaker lined up for the launch of their Chelmsford group! She is such an amazing person – attractive, funny, bubbly and a real star! It is me of course! I spoke to Mandie Holgate who founded and runs the Network today who gave me a bit of  a pep talk. She is a fantastic life and business coach and can really help when you have no confidence. I’m absolutely fine talking in front of an audience – I love it. Meet me five minutes before it starts and I’m a nervous wreck!

Monday though I shall be talking about one of my passions – something I have been interested in since I was a teenager and that is PR (Public Relations). The title of my talk is Free Publicity – Thinking Outside the Box. For talks like this I don’t plan a big speach or a powerpoint presentation. I do. I love to talk and planning in that way for me makes me more nervous and creates a stilted, too formal atmosphere for me. I shall be going to staples once again tomorrow to get some things blown up to A3, then I’ll write a few notes on the points I want to cover – maybe thrown in something that is interactive to make it a bit more fun and I’ll be feeling as confident as ever. I do have a cold at the moment though so I just hope that it’s not the thing that hinders me on Monday at 10am at the Waterfront Place in Chelmsford. Pink Suit PR and Design is a project of Moulding Futures.

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Money Money Money….

Business Womens Network 18 Nov2009

Getting a big cheque handed to you can be a bit of a weight to hold up but it’s certainly not a bad feeling to have. Here I am being presented with a cheque by Susan Pattrick of SMP CONSULTANCY who very generously donated £500 to us back in November to go towards our Make it Mental! campaign and any other projects. We spent the money on the event and the remaining amount was spent on some promotional material for Moulding Futures as an organisation.

SMP Consultancy are Equality and Diversity specialists. They make sure businesses are within the rules of the DDA – Disability Discrimation Act.
Susan has also become an advisor on our committee for Moulding Futures and we have already been able to do some design work for her as part of our Pink Suit Pr & Design project.
This cheque presentation was done at the Business Woman’s Network and it was wonderful to share the moment with other like-minded women. I hadn’t realised I’d be asked to get up and talk about Moulding Futures though. Anyone who knows me well will know that I could possibly compete professionally in any verbal olympics. Talking about Moulding Futures is never a problem for me (well not unless I’m having a less than confident day – and yes they do happen). I get quite nervous still. Even though I have spoken to audiences of hundreds – it’s easy to let those negative voices take over every once in a while but Susan Jeffers (Worldwide bestseller author of Feel the Fear and do it anyway) teaches us that we have to drown those out, tune into our higher being and that no matter what, we will be the best that we can be and that will be good enough.

Giving in to blogging…

Hello there – welcome to my blog all about Moulding Futures and my world within it. I belong to the Business Woman’s Network and last month we had a talk from Mockett Media about blogging. As a writer (or perhaps that should be wannabe), I’ve always liked the idea of sitting down and blogging but the only thing that put me off was that I love to journal. Hand written journaling, when you can really make a dent on the page, smell the paper and write as big or as small as you want depending on your mood. Of course I can type about 90% faster than I can write, and of course even though I love to write free hand; I very rarely remember or have the time to do it. Each page starting with “I can’t believe how much time has passed since my last entry…” and every new years eve promising to write more about me, my feelings and what I’ve been doing. Then it’s may.  Time ticks by so quickly and before you know it you’re writing your next disappointed and guilty entry on new years eve again.

So, here I am. Blogging. I may not be connected to the page as much but I’m here and its much faster. Plus it’s work related, and as a workaholic not in recovery I can’t think of a better way to get me to start!

I am hoping (let’s not be too optimistic) that I’ll write here regularly about our work at Moulding Futures and anything in the category of Tracy’s World will be news from the planet I like to call Traciness. It will all help people to make sense of what we are trying to achieve at Moulding Futures and you’ll go through the stress, the tears and also the good times with me as we move forward with our plans.

So – Welcome to the first post!

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