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Share a Smile Comedy Night!

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Our Comedy Showcase Comedy night at the Civic Theatre – featuring Gordon Southern, Hal Cruttendon, Terry Alderton and Carl Donnelly!
Fantastic evening had by all – such a shame we didn’t get a chance to sell more tickets the right side of Christmas and tap into all those people wondering around with money to waste on people they would rather not buy a present for. This would’ve been an ideal present!
NEXT time I think we’ll do the whole thing ourselves and see how that works.

Cork Madness!

Moulding Futures has been helping out The Shiny Shed with the Chelmsford Art Trail this year. As an artist it was great to get involved and they wanted me to come up with something that Children could get involved in. This was perfect to continue the Share A Smile theme so I’ve been busy working on small cork scenes. It’s certainly made me smile. The Tiny Trail has been created and will be on display during the Chelmsford Art Trail in september.

Course Licence

I have been busy on a PTTLS course – (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) which will give us a licence to teach Government funded courses and our own. I passed and so will be busy developing courses which we’ll be offering next year as part of the Giggle Together project.

Support Hero 2011

This years winner of our Support Hero Award went to Trina Wittaker. She was described by voters to be “A warm hearted, selfless woman” among other great things. I’d already had the pleasure of meeting Trina and knew they were right! She was one of the speakers at our Magazine Awards night so I was really pleased when she won. There were many other great organisations on the nominations list – all containing individuals who put their all into what they do. Trina cried when we announced the winner and this became the highlight of my night. (I do like to make people cry!).

NeuroTalk 2011 Event

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NeuroTalk 2011 brought together organisations who work with or support people with Neurological Disorders. The event was held at Alec Hunter Humanities College in May for an evening of speakers, food and information sharing. Joining us for the event were Dyslexia Rooms, Epilepsy Action, Action for Family Carers, Braintree Rethink, SCANS, SMP Consultancy and Rubicon Training Practices.

The speakers:

Charms – is a registered charity dedicated to help and support people in Essex and surrounding counties who suffer from MS (Multiple Sclerosis), ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), CP (Cerebral Palsy) strokes or other neurological disorders. There is no known cure for most of these illnesses, so working in conjunction with their medical specialists and with their GP’s consent, it is our aim to provide sufferers with relief from their symptoms and to give what assistance we can to make their lives more bearable. To achieve this aim the centre offers a variety of therapies, but the main treatment available at the centre is Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy (HBOT).

Fit 4 Reading – Sue Cook.

Why I learnt neuro developmental therapies

My son who had a mysterious collection of symptoms, was the inspiration for me to learn this system. These exercises alleviated his struggle and I can now completely understand the nature of his behaviour. He was an unhappy child who was clearly intelligent but could not function at all at school, his teachers and I knew there was something wrong.
I researched until I found answers. The assessment enabled me to understand him, and the movements created the right brain circuitry. He is very grateful to me for learning how to correct his problems. It has changed his life and saved him from serial underachievement when his IQ tells us he is well above average.
Before the movements, He was a distressed child who could not fit in to typical environments, like a child’s party, without becoming severely anxious. It has been wonderful to have the opportunity to help him get rid of a problem that hindered him and kept him from living life to the fullest.

Dr Ben Wright – a Neurological Psychologist

The evening went really well with lots of contacts being made and interesting debate.

Our Support Hero was also announced more of that to come…

NeuroTalk 2011 and The Support Hero Award

Local campaigning and awareness organisation Moulding Futures is searching for a local SUPPORT HERO organisation as part of their NeuroTalk event being held on May 23rd at 5.30pm in Braintree. The event celebrates those who live with Neurological Disorders and includes speakers, talks, stalls from organisations, and the opportunity for people to share support and advice. Parents, carers, and adults with neurological disorders are welcome to come along. If parents wish to come and are unable to get childcare we are looking into a crèche for a portion of the evening.
We would like to award an organisation SUPPORT HERO 2011 and nominations close on the 1st May – voting Closes on the 8th of May. The organisation must support those with neurological disorders (or their family/carers) with their mental health and support services. The winner will receive a trophy, be featured in the support guide given out to all those attending the evening, the website and will also win a prize worth £200!
Voters must have used the service and explain why they are their support hero at Tickets for the event are also available at
“One organisation saved my life at the lowest point in the fight to get my son the he needed – I want to say thank you but also want to give other people the chance to vote for their support heroes too,” says organiser Tracy Shave, founder of Moulding Futures.
We are covering subjects that will be useful for those who in particular have Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, ASD, Autism, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, to name a few. There is also holistic treatments and support for carers.
For more information on Moulding Futures and their projects for disadvantaged people please go to or call 01245 399541.

Magazine Launch and Awards!

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Our project “Psst! Pass it on!” an Open Up Initiative has been completed!! Groups and individuals around the country were invited to apply for funding to run a project that would challenge stigma of Mental Health and it is part of the National Time to Change campaign. When the application form landed on my desk it was one of those “pin me down” moments. I was working on the first “Make it Mental!” event for Involving Essex, which was a very big job. I instantly had an idea for something to do for it and no one stopped me. Not even the inner voice that was screaming at me not to take on any more work but I have loads of practice at convincing an inner voice that something is justified – every time I go shopping I win the battle!
So I put together a team of people who said they would be “interested” in helping, filled out the form and sent it off. I think I may have recieved the application form a few days before it was due, as always, so there was no time to talk myself out of it – or discover the magnitude of what I was proposing.
You can read our project report here:
Project Report
The magazine will be going into schools all over Essex. If you would like a copy, or would like your school to do something similar then get in touch with us at or contact 01245 399541.
You can also go to the website

Tonight we had the Awards and official launch of the magazine “Oi! Listen!” – held at Bailey’s Bar in Braintree (sponsors for the event). All of the young people who took part at Alec Hunter Humanities College were invited along with those at Chelmer Valley High School, to pick up their certificates. We also gave out some special trophies to those pupils who we felt put in the most during the project.

Psst! Pass it on.. Creative Awards went to:
Harriette Knight
Shannon Roy
Joseph Moore

Psst! Pass it on Junior Reporter Award
Mia Hole

Psst! Pass it on.. Courage Award went to:
Molly Sherman

Well done to you and all of the young people who took part in this amazing project!

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